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Anybody Can Earn

This is the third part for my Anybody Can... series. First, I posted Anybody Can Blog then Anybody Can Read. Today it is about Anybody Can Earn. But please be reminded that I am only sharing the basics of blogging and earning as well. Okay?

Anyways, since each one of you now learn bow to make a blog after reading my post on Anybody Can Blog and then learn how to lure readers to read your blog in my post Anybody Can Read, this time you will basically learn that Anybody Can Earn through blogging.

Anybody Can EarnYes, you read it right. Each one of us can earn money from our respective blogs. All
you have to do is to prepare your blog for this money making venture. If you remember, in my post in Anybody Can Blog, I suggested to use as your platform for your blog. You know why? Because, which is free to use is powered or supported by Google. So, since Google runs the you can easily install Google Adsense in your respective blogs. And with google Adsense in your blog basically, you can now earn money.

In addition to Google Adsense, one sure thing that you can earn money online is to apply your blog to companies that pays you to post your opinions or reviews regarding the products, services, and websites of their respective advertisers. One good example here, which I am already a member, are and

I have just commisioned my second blog with Smorty, Which means I could double my earnings just by posting my opinions. And of course, SponsoredReviews is as reliable too. You only need to bid your price lower to get more contracts.

But just remember this, your blog will be accepted by those companies only if you have original contents in your blog and most of all your blog must be 3 months old and already have at least 10 posts made by you.

Anybody Can Earn, what you need to do is to follow the basics.

Once again, stay tuned with this blog because I will post in the near future the next steps you might need to take, for your blog. Or for your own convenience just subscribe here to make my future posts automatically emailed to you. Good Luck!

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