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Anybody Can Really Earn

As I have posted before in Anybody Can Earn, I emphasize that using a where you can easily install google adsense in your respective blogs could really make you earn some money.

Well last February 26, I took the screen shots of the Statement of Earnings from my Google Adsense Income which I claim last February 29 to one of the Western Union outlets here in Davao City. Below is that screen shot which I edited for privacy purposes.

This earnings from Google Adsense is only my second time. The first one was paid to me through Google Adsense Check which I received last October 2007. It took almost four months for me to reach the $100.00 minimum payouts for my google adsense earnings. However, I feel so accomplished and proud of this earnings. Because, once again my experiment in my 5 Ways to Make Money Online without Spending proves to be working.

Yes, You could Earn $5,000.00 a month through Blogging but this will only be possible if you spend a lot of money to develop your site, your site's traffics, your site's page rank, and other apps that you are going to pay. Not to mention, the hard work and frustrations that you will encounter specially if you already invested a lot of money for that particular site of yours.

So, Anybody Can Really Earn even you will not spend any money. All you have to do is just go for it. Good Luck!

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