STENTOR means somebody with a loud powerful voice
STENTORIZED is about blogging out-loud our ideas or opinions in a more offbeat manner while making money from it.

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Making Money Online

It is exactly one year when I created this blog. I choose the title "STENTORIZED" because stentor means somebody loud: somebody with a loud powerful voice. So this blog means a Blog with a powerful voice. That was I explained in my first post entitled The Creation of Stentorized Blog.

"STENTORIZED" - It is a new term which I created from the root word stentor. The word Stentorized is not yet registered in the search engine during that time. However, the word Stentor, has 2.8M plus results in the google search engine alone.

It was my purpose to write my personal opinion or review for whatever topics which I want to write here in my blog. But the big twist here is that it is STENTORIZED meaning it is my loudest personal opinion and review.

But as the time goes by, this blog evolves to a new purpose and dimension that is to make money online without spending even a dime while blogging. And indeed, it is really making money for me. Just enough to help me pay my household bills.

So, the new anchor text for this blog is now Making Money Online - Stentorized. Good Luck!

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