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International Monetary Fund is Sitting on a Pot of Gold

As a member of, I received just now a letter from Ms. Roxane Philson of  And, I am so angry and frustrated after I read the letter. I must post this letter here in my blog so that everybody must know that the "Economy of Greed" which slowly killing the majority of the population in the world is at work. 

Hope you join us for this noble cause and PLEASE DO READ THE LETTER below?


In this time of crisis when resources are scarce, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is sitting on a pot of gold, a small fraction of which could help the world’s poorest countries stay afloat.

Please take action right now and ask the managing director of IMF to sell some gold reserves to help the poorest countries weather the downturn.

Click here to sign our petition to the IMF and send an email directly to Dominique Strauss-Khan, Managing Director of the IMF:

Petition text:
Please use the revenue from gold sales to create as much funding as possible for developing countries and ensure that this doesn’t create new debts or have harmful conditions attached.

G20 leaders have called upon the IMF to sell a tiny proportion of their gold reserves to increase the money available to developing countries. Please encourage them to deliver this and to do so in an honourable way – without creating more crippling debt or having harmful strings attached. The only conditions should be that the money is used to fight poverty in a way that enables people to hold their government to account.

Some of the IMF’s gold hasn’t been re-valued in decades and is worth much more now than when it was originally valued. Selling a portion of this at current market prices would generate massive revenue for the IMF, to the tune of billions of dollars. By selling the gold to countries for their national reserve banks, the gold never comes on the open market and won’t impact global gold prices. The IMF could then make this injection of money available to developing countries.

So the stage is set for significant sums to be raised to help fight poverty in the downturn in a way that don’t cost you or me or gold producers. The IMF has until April 25 to come up with a proposal. Please let them know how important this is.

Thank you for taking part,

Roxane Philson,

After sending my personal letter to Dominique Strauss-Khan, Managing Director of the IMF, I received an auto reply from like the one below. For email distribution to all my contacts.

Subject: Golden opportunity


I just signed a petition and sent an email to the Managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and I hope that you'll do so too here:

At the G20 summit in London, the IMF was tasked with coming up for a plan to sell some of their gold reserves to provide emergency funding for developing countries struggling through the financial crisis. I sent a letter to the IMF, because I want them to provide as much funding as they can, and provide it in way that won't create debt for developing countries, which may find their economic recovery cut short if they have to take high interest loans.

The issue of debt is an important one, and we need to let the IMF know that people care about it so they do the right thing. Please join me in taking action to let them know here:

 Please, if you happen to read this, I beg you to join us. Thanks!

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