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Stay Healthy using Visualization

In my previous post entitled, Five Immediate Things that I Do after losing a Job, I considered "Stay Healthy by Being Emotionally Strong" as one of the five things that I am going to do immediately. I am committed to do just that, because we can not afford to get sick. Stress is the most common cause of some major illnesses in our world today. So, we need to be emotionally strong.

In doing so,  I am glad that I stumbled a site which offer a free download of audio and online lessons for the basic technique and method of creative visualization - The Silva Centering Exercise. This is not just any technique or exercise. But this is from the most world renowned - Silva Method. And to top it all, it is not just offered from anybody else out there, but from Laura Silva herself, the daughter of the illustrious founder, Jose Silva—who people credit as a the father of modern meditation.

Yes, I am glad because I am a firm believer of the Power of the Mind. I even bought one of  the books of Jose Silva - the Silva Mind Control Method - when I was in college. Basically, the book teaches about positive thinking, giving you instructions on active meditation and creative visualization. It teaches you on how to expand your mind to increase your intelligence, improve your memory, develop ESP, heal your injuries and disease, and even heal others.

Anyway, the best thing that I got from this site is the free audio download of The Silva Centering Exercise; which gives you the step by step guide in reaching to your "alpha level" (a semi-conscious dream state), where you can create a positive self-image, and turn it into reality. I guarantee you, that when you able to listen to this audio you will be amazed how fast you could get into the "alpha level". I could not get into it just by reading that book since college. I have difficulties in my concentration. But now, wow! It is simply amazing.

So with the help of this audio -The Silva Centering Exercise, I am confident that I could Stay Healthy using Visualization with Silva Method. "...And melt away stress, once and for all." Who knows I can use the same technique during my job interview. How about you? Why not try this free audio from Silva Method.

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