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Extreme Poverty

The number of people suffering from extreme poverty is steady and slowly growing. A lot of efforts from the government and other non-government organizations (NGOs) to intervene and to eradicate poverty are already put into action. Yet, the situation of people suffering from extreme poverty is still the same and their number are continuously growing.

Why Extreme Poverty is still to be alleviated?

Maybe, what we need is to stand as ONE  "Stand Up, as a demonstration of our commitment in the fight against extreme poverty. It’s the easiest of actions, but when all of us do it together,  it’s a profound statement."

Can we rely on you? If not maybe you need to watch this video where "children mostly from 3rd world countries are dying every day from malnutrition, starvation, lack of medication and treatment, bad water, war and harsh living conditions, and most of all from broken hearts and hopelessness."

United Nations' Universal Children's Day is celebrated every November 20 of every year
and that is today.
and this post is dedicated to every child out there
who are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually due to Extreme Poverty.

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