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We were Enumerators

This is the story of the unsung heroes of DSWD - the Enumerators for National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR).  A Project of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in order to build a database of Household Informations of "who and where" the poor families in the Philippines are.  And eventually, the information generated by the assessment will be used by DSWD and other government agencies to design and develop social welfare programs.

The primary role and function of the Enumerators is to make personal visits to the households covered by the NHTS-PR and administer the Household Assessment Forms while conducting an actual interview.

In order to attain what the NHTS-PR tag-line is saying which is "Talaan ng Sambahayan! Sigurado, Kumpleto, Totoo!" and literally in english "List of Households! Sure, Complete, True!", the Enumerators will be deployed to different sitios, barangays, municipalities and cities.

The Enumerators must go to far-flung communities to interview and to assess households of poor families. And if necessary, they will climb mountains, cross the rivers, defying personal safety in "hot spots area", braving all weather conditions just to make sure that our poor brothers and sisters will be included in the NHTS-PR database.

Below are some of the pictures taken while The Enumerators, the unsung Heroes,  are at work:

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