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Water Interruption

Just the other day, I heard over the news that a water interruption will be experienced by the residences and business establishments of the entire city because of the low water level of the Dam. The Dam is the main source of water supply for the entire city. Even in rainy season, the water level in that Dam is still so low.

Water Interruption is inevitable. Everybody will suffer. Rich and Poor will face the consequences of experiencing a life without water.

Uneducated and Educated individual will start contemplating and start asking:

What will happen if No More Water?

Pardon me, but I would like to interrupt you before you think further and try to contemplate - What will happen if NO MORE WATER!

Help us spread the word about clean water and show your support of Blog Action Day 2010 and clean water access.

Water Interruption....


Thanks and GOD Bless Us all! with CLEAN WATER forever and ever.

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