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Knowledge for Water

Today is October 15, 2010. This is the day a Water Interruption will be experiencing around the world, may it be online or offline. In the blogosphere, around 4,300 bloggers will be interrupted today. They are committed to post on their respective blogs about issues of WATER.

So, this is my post as my little contribution for the Blog Action Day 2010.

Knowledge for Water.
Your Knowledge about the world can make a difference. You can donate 10 cups of water in every correct answer you get. Play the game on FREEPOVERTY.COM below and see how many cups of water you can donate:

70% of a human being is made up of water. Water is the second most essential element for survival, after oxygen. Over one billion people in the world do not have access to clean drinking water; hence, causing them to develop deadly diseases. Moreover, without water, the brain is not able to function properly. One cup of water can make difference to someone's day. FreePoverty allows you to donate as many cups of water as you can to save millions of people.
Thanks and good luck.

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