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Today is 01/11/11

Today is January 11, 2011.

To the quite number of people this date is so significant, specially to people who believes in numerology, occult, astrology and even mathematical.

Oprah Winfrey for one, chooses this date 01-11-11 to launch her media network OWN or Oprah Winfrey Network. It does not mean that Oprah herself believes in Numerology, but maybe for her, this date is significant.

Whatever it is, whatever the reason for each and everyone who sees this date 01/11/11 as significant, there is one common denominator on it. And that is, giving importance to once life and making the most of it by living our lives to the fullest.

However, in some aspects of our daily lives may it be numerologically important or not, we could always threat every day as significant as 01-11-11. Our lives is always depends on how each and everyone of us chooses to live the only life we have.

So, Today is 01/11/11.  It is your choice to make it significant or not. Good Luck!

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