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The Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena Prayer

I do not know if you believe me or not. But, I have just discovered that by devoting your Prayer Life to the Sacred Heart of Jesus eases your life's burden.  I do not have a permanent job, yet somehow I am able to manage my life with ease with no debts.

I am crediting this kind of life that I am experiencing now to my devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is the only Prayer Novena that I did since I was born. So, I could say that the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the ONE intervening into my life's burden.

What I did, I downloaded the Novena of  the Sacred Heart of Jesus from the YouTube in my personal computer and transfer the copy to my cellphone. Then, every time I offered my devotional prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus I listened to the recording and pray along with it.

Below, is the very copy of that Novena from the YouTube:

Hope you will find the same experience as I have experienced, as the way I did, in devoting a Novena Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Good Luck and GOD BLESS!

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