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Data Security For Android Users

By Renee David

With the advancement in technology, a lot of measures have been taken to secure the data on Android phones. A team of Virginia Tech researchers have found a very useful way of securing the data on GoogleĆ¢€™s Android operating system. They have devised a mechanism by which all the confidential data can be wiped out once the phone leaves the secure area and only controlled applications could run on the phone.

A number of applications are available that let you remotely wipe out the data from your phone in case it is stolen. However, these techniques have not been very useful and they can be easily bypassed. This software provides better features and it allows you to set rules to determine the time and place of a particular application to be run on the phone.

This software will be particularly good for organizations which deal with a lot of confidential information. Defense organizations, financial institutions and other such organizations that deal with sensitive information will find this software very useful. Even businesses that are afraid of leaking their secrets and patent information could use this software to protect their confidential information. This software can also be used in hospitals as it can be used to guard patient information. Working with usb encryption devices is helpful.

By using this program, specific features of cell phone could be turned off so the confidential data of firm could be safeguarded. For instance, the program can turn off the digital camera as well as e mail features of cell phone so images can't be captured as well as transferred on the net inside the particular areas of the enterprise.

All in all, this program will be able to put physical limits within the online world. Even though this application isn't launched within the Android industry just yet, a test release was shown to Virginia technology experts as well as intelligence industry specialists. They have immensely appreciated this particular solution and soon we'll see this solution within the commercial industry.

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