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TV Shows For Free

By Michael Raja 

Sometimes when you are sitting at home flicking thru the TV channels, it can seem like there's nothing on. Thanks to the power of the Net however , you can watch shows online, if that be catch up television or original series made specifically for the web. Below you will find an inventory of sites of where to find such shows.

BBC iPlayer 

The jewel in the BBC's online crown, the iPlayer has all shows played across all the BBC's channels on the web for you to look at if you have not caught them the 1st time around. You don't need a TV license to watch these shows, and should you download the desktop application you'll have access to 30 days of programs.

ITV Player, 4OD and Channel 5 

The me-too solutions to BBC's iPlayer. For the most part they offer a little more functionality in the fact that they offer a month of shows by default, aside from Channel 5. These too have desktop and mobile programs so you can watch your favourite episodes even when you're busy. The leg up 4OD has is they have also kept a giant archive of television series for you to watch at your leisure, which is nice.


Aside from just watch lovable animals and folk doing strange things, Youtube also hosts lots of television programmes. It isn't just entertainment either, it also has documentaries and current affairs shows on there, which will give you a variety of choice.

Adult Swim 

It's like the Cartoon Network for adults. Their shorts compromise many styles from Claymation to animated series and a mix of both. It certainly has a large amount of adult themes so keep the youngsters of the site. Another positive is that no registration is required, though shows available for the Britain is rather limited right now.

This should keep you entertained for those days when there's nothing on the telly. Do try and keep this off the work network, or the IT support fellows will be having a tough time handling the bandwidth for you.

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