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Finding Jobs Online

This is my first day of being a Jobless. It is so scary. Specially, if I am going to look ahead in the near future. I could easily imagine and feel the hardships that me and my family are going to face. Questions keep coming into my mind,  How could I cope up with our daily needs without me having a permanent income? How long my severance money would last? And so on and so forth... Not to mention other negative thoughts, scenarios and images which are stalking into my brain.  Oh My Gosh! OMG! It is really, really, so scary.

But my instinct and will to survive is so strong. I have to fight this negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I am recollecting every verses in the Bible which touches about God's promise for a new life.

So, what I did the whole morning today is to look for job vacancies online. Finding Jobs online is the fastest way to look for job vacancies. Right?

Yes!  I recalled my old account with and there I vigorously search and finding Jobs which fits to my qualifications. And you know what?  Just this morning, specifically with in (4) four hours,  I been able to submit my resume and application letter (20) twenty times to different companies and recruitment agencies which are hiring employees.

Wow! this is great.. and I am grateful that I have my Personal Computer to make my quest for job vacancies very easy and comfortable. Thanks to too because it has thousands of job vacancies currently posted.

I recalled years ago, when I was a fresh graduate from college.  I have to type with our typewriter machine different application letters and resumes and then bring them personally to respective agencies and companies where I am applying for a job. It was so tedious and so expensive. Expensive in a sense that I have to ask from my parents money for my fare.   Time is really a changin.. as what the song goes.

However, there is one thing that has a big advantage and difference between "applying in person" from the one "applying online". And that is if you are "applying in person" you are sure that your application letter and resume are received by the agencies concern. While in "applying online" you never knew if your application letter and resume are receive or not.

Hopefully those (20) twenty companies and agencies where I am applying will response and give me a chance to work and let me begin a new life.  Good Luck to me! :-) or Maybe you can Wish Me Luck too? Thanks.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are retrenched.

    Good that you managed to apply for 20 jobs using .It is always hearthening for us to hear that our site is useful.

    On your applications, it would definitely reach companies. Essentially, for every job that the company advertises, they would receive a table listing all the resume that they get. It would be ranked by us, using the criteria that each employer puts. So, the resume that fits closest to the criteria would be ranked no. 1, 2, 3 etc. Companies would scan the listing, and then click in to view those that attract their attention.

    One big difference between applying online and via newspaper/hand in by person, is that applying online would mean that your application reach them in seconds. It is real time.

    You could reach us using . Feel free to post questions there. We would definitely reply you as soon as we can.

    We would have several open door sessions, where we would give you tips on how to improve your chances and also see what employers would see. Do check out the schedule in the forum. Do read the tips there too. You can discuss there with others too, including a bunch of people who have been retrenched.

    Hope that you would keep up your hope. We wish you all the best. Rest assured that we would try our best to help. You can reach us through the forum, or even through your blog. As long as you blog about jobstreet and google can alert us, we'll read your feedback/question.

    Best wishes from a staff of

  2. Hi sir Chen Chow,

    I am so amazed of your quick response and comments regarding my post. And it makes me feel inspired and hopeful with your kind words.

    I could not imagine an executive from have spared his precious time to post a comment here in my blog. I am so so honored with your comment sir Chen. and I thank you so very much for this.

    It is indeed that is not only useful and helpful job's site for the Job seekers and employers alike but also the people behind too.

    Once again sir Chen, Thank You so very much... More Power to and to you too sir Chen Chow. God Bless!

  3. Hi,

    Just call me Chen Chow would do. It is my pleasure. We constantly go through blogs/forum etc, to find out the feedback from the users.

    And we would address every concern/complaint/praise etc from our users. Without users like you, there is no place for to exist. We need to hear out from users like you, instead of just sitting in our office and thinking that our solutions are perfect.

    Thanks for your compliment. Right now, most importantly is that we hope that you can get your dream job soon. Feel free to email me at chenchow AT jobstreet DOT com, and i can help you to feedback on your resume too.

    Do keep us up-todate on your job seeking. We wish you all the best.

  4. Thanks Chen...

    I will surely update you
    as soon as I got that job

    Until then.. God Bless!


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