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I Am Back

After so many months of not writing any posts here since June 08, 2008. I am back!

Why you were not able to post for such a long period of time? You might ask.

It is because my offline job is so demanding that I could not even have the time to write. My job requires me to write and make reports almost daily that even updating my blog was no longer possible.

But now I am back!

Maybe you might ask again, Why I am back? Why do you have time to post and update your blog now?

Well, I do not know if  this is a good news for my blog or not. But, I am now joining the millions of abled individuals who has lost our respective jobs just because of company's closure.

I do not know how should I cope up with the pressing demands of our day to day basic needs, anymore. But one thing that I am sure of,  I have still the "will to survive" no matter what!

And the very first thing that I am going to do right now is to go BLOGGING again. And at least to increase my money making endeavors online. Hopefully, I could regain those earnings which I was enjoying before specially from Google Adsense and Adbrite.

I Am Back! Hope you will support me and follow me again on my quest for SURVIVAL!

Thanks and God Bless to Us All!


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