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My Job Applications

 Well, if you read my previous post entitled  Finding Jobs Online, where I blog about how I managed to apply to (20) twenty different companies and agencies using just with in (4) four hours. Then, this post is my update on how those respective companies and agencies responded to My  Job Applications.

Among the (20) companies and agencies that I applied (2) two responded. I was so grateful and excited this morning when I opened my yahoo email account. Here are the replies of that (2) two companies:

Dear (my real-name withheld) :

We have received your application through Thank you for your interest in applying for the position of  Business Manager.

We are currently processing applications and will contact you regarding this position in the near future.

Truly yours,

Recruitment Team
Human Resources Management Development
(company's name withHeld)

Dear (my real name with Held) :

We have received your application through Jobstreet. Thank you for the interest shown in our company. Please be informed that we are in the midst of processing our applicants and will call you as soon as we have shortlisted your application.

Please check your email regularly because correspondences will be sent via email.

Truly yours,

HRD Department
(company's name with Held)

Wow! This is just great! Isn't it?
 But wait, when I checked where those email coming from,  I noticed that it is coming from an auto response system from with an email address

Yes, it is an auto response. However, I feel grateful just the same because it proves that the system is working. This particular jobs site helps a lot of jobless individuals who are searching for employment. And, My Job Applications will surely reach and noticed by those companies that I am applying for.

Good Luck to me! :)

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