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Five Immediate Things that I Do After Losing a Job

Just this afternoon, I decided to buy grocery items in one of the Malls here in our place. And while strolling inside the Mall, I met my long time friend. He was shocked after knowing that the company where I am working is now closed. I can feel his concern. He was so worried for my fate and the future of my family.

Well, I told him that I am trying to do things one day at a time. That, I do some re-prioritizing with our usual way of life. And, below are the Five Immediate Things that I Do after losing a Job:

1. Review Our Spending - we must not buy anything unless these are extremely important for us. Basically, we will spend our money only for the most basic needs such as food, fare and etc.

2. Review Our Household Bills - Electric Bills and Water Bills must be controlled. Unnecessary use of electricity and as well as the use water will be strictly observed.

3.  Stay Healthy by Being Emotionally Strong - Yes we really need to be emotionally strong. We must avoid too much stress facing our life's problem. Because, otherwise this might be the cause for us to get sick and drain our savings fast. We can not afford to get sick!

4.  Make an Inventory of the Things Inside our House - we must segregate valuable things in our house such as jewelries, clothes, DVD's/CD's, kitchen utensils and etc. in order to sell them in the near future if the situation warrants.

5.  Do Not Stop Praying - yes praying as majority of us believers knew that this the only way to make our Hope go strong. If we feel that our mortal families and friends abandoning us then we have an Immortal Family and a Friend up there Who are always with us no matter what.

So, I told my friend that those are the things that I do,  right after I lose my Job. Of course, I told him also about my plans to augment our income while I am still jobless. However, the details of  this will be posted in my next blog post.  Until then... God Bless to us all!

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