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Income Augmentation Plan

Income Augmentation Plan.  Sounds so executive plan that is. Isn't it? However, this is just a simple plan which I designed to augment our income versus our expenditures.

Normally, the right formula is:

Income - Expenditures = Savings 
Meaning my income is greater than the expenditures incurred by us. Thus we are able to save certain amount of money.

However, with my situation right now, where I have no more job, the formula will surely like this:

Income - Expenditures = Debt

Meaning our expenditures is greater than our income. Thus, and most probably, this scenario will forced us to borrow money from somebody or file a loan from banks and other financial institutions.

But, since I am determined to fight and have the will to survive, my immediate "Income Augmentation Plan" is at least like this:

Income - Expenditures = Nothing

Nothing, in a sense that in this situation, we will not be able to save any money and as well as we will not result to borrowings in any form. It is just an status quo. This is the kind of formula which I am going to do. I have to make sure that my expenditures will be controlled and minimize so that my little income could equally cope up with it.

So,  back to reality, my Income Augmentation Plan is to engage in selling. Yes, you are right. Engaging in Selling is the most practical way and most immediate way to augment our income during this state of  being unemployed. Selling any goods which you think are useful to your friends, to your neighbors, and if not to other people is just the right way. Though, this will not give me a big income, but at least my day to day expenses will be answered by this endeavor.

I do not know any other way to survive this situation. But for me, for the time being while I am looking for a job, I am going to engage in selling. How about you?  Well, ...just Wish Me Luck!  God Bless Us All!

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